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Partners and Licenses

The Nova Scotia Department of Education, Nova Scotia school boards, the Nova Scotia Teachers Union, and teachers of Nova Scotia collaborate to share resources under Creative Commons license to support diverse student learners at the public school level, and teacher professional learning. All resources are copyrighted. The specific Creative Commons, non-commercial license clearly identified as part of each resource record indicates the license provided by the copyright holder.

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All Curriculums

All Grade Levels

Digital Audio - Elem.

Young Digital Storytellers
Colin McNeil
ELA - Speaking/Listening
& ICT Integration
Grades 2-6


He Shoots! He Scores!
Rollie Hannem
ELA - Speaking/Listening
& ICT Integration
Grades 3-6

World Travellers

South America Itinerary
Shelly Campbell
Social Studies &
ICT Integration
Grade 6

Teachers Helping Teachers

Dramatic Adaptation of a Fairy Tale
Lorne Cooke
ELA & ICT Integration
Grade 12

Elem. Science

Teachers Helping Teachers
Explore a Weather Website, make observations, and build weather instruments
& ICT Integration
Grade 5